Kate Marshall Ceramics

Original handcrafted ceramics made in Bear Flat, Bath

About Kate Marshall Ceramics

Kate Marshall Ceramics is a small pottery close to Alexandra Park, in the Bear Flat/Beechen Cliff area of Bath, specialising in original handcrafted ceramics.

Kate has been enjoying playing with clay for over twenty years and is a member of a local pottery group, The Mudslingers, and the Bear Flat Artists. She shows locally in Bath, and in galleries in the region, but her work has been taken all over the world.

Kate’s main interest is Raku – an ancient firing technique involving fire, smoke and water. Each piece is beautifully unique as the fire affects the glaze in many different ways and produces the most amazing colours, metallic flushes, or crackle. She loves the copper flushes in the green and black crackle pots, as well as the stunning contrast in the simpler black and white crackle. Horsehair raku is continually challenging and amazing her and she loves the randomness and beauty of these timeless pieces.

Kate also makes beautifully bold stoneware bowls and pots for food – each one wheel-thrown and unique.

Please see Gallery for images of some of her work.

Kate is really pleased to be able to now offer pottery lessons – from 3-hour Introduction to Ceramics sessions to multi-day pottery courses. Please see Courses for more information.

Kate is a member of the Craft Potters’ Association.

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Featured Work

Some of Kate’s Original Handcrafted Ceramics